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Now ED drugs are available in soft forms also. Meltabs is its evidence. Meltabs is a soft form of generic Viagra. Rather than taking with water, Meltabs can be taken just by placing on tongue. Sildenafil citrate is its dynamic component. This drug is fast way of treating erectile dysfunction as it shows effect in mere 20 minutes. The effect of Meltabs remains for four to five hours. It is effective is proved by FDA approval it has received. But remember, a man has to be sexually excited for experiencing best results of Meltabs. Take this drug only once in a day. This drug is a product of Ajanta Pharmaceuticals.

Generic Name: Viagra
Delivery Time: 8-10 Working Days
Year of Manufacturing: 2024
Year of Expiry: 2026
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Buy Meltabs Dosage To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Dosage instructions form the most important part of any medicine. Knowing which medicine is used in particular suffering is easy to know but in what dosage requires help of a doctor. Meltabs, the drug used for overcoming impotence, also need physician's help in knowing in what amount it should be taken. Taking it on own conditions can show negative results rather than positive. Thus the most important condition with Meltabs is taking it on doctor's suggestion only. Before prescribing the drug a doctor goes through entire medical history of patient, also checks his present medical status and then prescribes the right dosage suitable for his body. Meltabs is available over the counter also, but do take it with prescription only. For the most part in the initial phase physician recommend 50mg Meltabs. It is the most usual case. But, sometimes if the problem of ED is chronic and does not get treated with the initial dose, a doctor may have to further increase the dose to 100mg. But any types of changes in the Meltabs dose should be done on with doctor advice only. Do not be your own leader in docile cases like ED.

The dose of Meltabs can be taken without water. Just place it on tongue and the drug will by own liquefy in the mouth. Elderly men find the drug much easy in taking. One dose of Meltabs is enough for a day. Do not exceed the dose by taking twice. It is considered as overdose and can cause health complications. As Meltabs is taken just 30 minutes before the sexual act every time the urge for sex surrounds you, thus you do not need to take the drug daily. Depending on your mood you need to take it. Only make sure you do not take the drug in overdose. If taken in overdose by mistake seek medical help without causing any delay. Overdose can be life threatening if not treated on time. Do not think of Meltabs as aphrodisiac. The dose of the drug is effective only when men are sexually stimulated.

Online Meltabs Side-Effects

Side effects are inevitable part of any drug. Name any one medicine that does not have side effects. Oh! There is none. Similarly Meltabs side effects are mentioned here. This PDE-5 inhibitor showcases both severe and light side effects. The other of any drug is not every consumer suffers from side effects. It mainly depends whether the drug is taken in the right manner or not, and on how comfortably the body has adapted the drug. Side effects on men shown by Meltabs are very rare with men. Only few such cases are registered. This drug for the most part has shown positive results only by providing desired erection.

Amongst the less serious side effects of Meltabs are- headache, vision chances (color blindness, blur vision), gas, reddening of face, upset stomach, slight dizziness, nasal congestion, diarrhea, etc. New consumers generally face side effects as their body needs time to adapt to the drug. In fact, occurring of side effects is positive sign that your body is trying to accustomed to the drug. The above cited less serious fallouts are not a cause of worry. They are easily curable and get treated on own. The consumption of the drug should not be halted. Keep taking it. The big reason to worry takes place when any of these symptoms remains for a long period of time and show no sign of retarding. In such a case, go to your doctor and explain him the entire case.

List of serious side effects of Meltabs is consists of chest pain, fast or irregular heartbeat, swelling of face, throat and lips, shortness of breath, heart problems like heart attack and strokes, blood pressure problems, penis erection for more than four hours and so on. These side effects needs prompt treatment. Straightaway go to your healthcare provider in case of happening of these side effects. Do not let these fallouts take over your life.

These side effects do not form a complete list. Apart from these Meltabs also other side effects but are not mentioned here. Direct contact with doctor can help you much in knowing about the side effects of Meltabs.

Cheap Meltabs Online Precautions

Safety instructions are a part of everything. They are just for ensuring safety. It's not without following them something wrong will surely happen. But, avoidance increases the chances of mis happenings. The drug meltabs also has a list of precautionary steps attached with it. And to abide by them is advocated must for every consumer. Meltabs precautions pinpoint safe and secure treatment. The first precautions of Meltabs states- always take it if your doctor has prescribed it to you. Taking it without prescription can be dangerous to health. In spite of being available over the counter do take Meltabs with doctor's suggestion. Men who are allergic to Sildenafil citrate or to any other components of the drug should stay away from the drug. Health hazards may arise if this piece of advice is ignored. In the same way, men who are taking nitrates in any form, whether drugs or anything else, should also keep a safe distance from Meltabs. The combination of nitrates and Sildenafil citrate is very dicey for the health. If with ED you are also suffering any other health problem(s), and taking medicines for it, do tell your physician all about them. Prescription, non prescription, etc. whatever drugs you are taking tell their names to your doctor. Some health problems that stop you from taking Meltabs are heart problems (like heart attack, strokes, chest pain, etc.), liver problem, kidney problem, blood pressure problem, diabetes, etc. If your doctor suggests then only take Meltabs in these situations. Foods rich in fats are not good taking before the drug. They slacks the efficiency of the drug by taking more time in showing effect or sometimes do not show effect at all. Grapefruit or grapefruit juice should not be taken if taking Meltabs in order to avoid health problems. Alcohol consumption should also be avoided as it may cause drop in blood pressure level to an uncertain degree. The intake of Meltabs causes dizziness. Thus, men are nixed from running any machinery after taking the drug to forbid from accident. Old men are especially advised to take this drug with doctor's recommendation only. If any complexities occur after taking Meltabs, go to the doctor straight off and get the treatment.

These precautions will be surely found very helpful by men taking Meltabs. For being more versed about them, have a word with your doctor.

Storage Tips To Purchase Meltabs Online

Why a label of every drug certainly mentions its storing place? It's because it is mandatory. Storing a drug in a right place and in a proper position is must for elongating its life span. Meltabs storing instructions are mentioned in this opus. Read them carefully and also follow them. The comfortable temperature for Meltabs in which it survives better is room temperature. 25 degree Celsius temperature is most appropriate. Meltabs has great allergy with temperatures that goes overboard. Too hot, too cold, too dry and too wet all these temperatures are unsuitable for it. When it comes to placing an air tight container is the best. Keep the container in dark and in solitude. Make sure the surrounding is dirt and dust free. Meltabs should be kept aloof so that no one can reach for it easily. This drug treat only sexual dysfunction problem of men. Women and children cannot use it. Also, sharing your drug with other person is not good. Your drug is prescribed seeing your entire medical history that cannot match with the other person. Thus, keep the drug solly for your use only. Do not be lenient in storing the drug like in kitchen sinks or in bathroom. These are the most unfitting places for storage. As meltabs is stored in a container, take its pill out only when needed. Otherwise do not touch it simply. One of the important storage instructions is, keep Meltabs in a distance from heat, moisture and light. They harm the drug in one way or the other. Meltabs cannot bear the heat and dissolve. Moisture breaks it into pieces and light directly affects potentiality of the drug. Therefore, it is advised to keep the drug away from them.

Special care needs to be taken with expired tabs of Meltabs. Do not commit the mistake of keeping expired pills at home as it can be risky for your health. Dumping them is the right way to end them. But flushing in toilet and simply throwing are not dumping methods. Regarding this take help of your healthcare provider and find the right way of dumping. Give heed to these storing instructions and take them seriously for the welfare of your drug.