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Male impotence has got an efficient treatment in the form of a drug known as Apcalis Jelly. As a basic constituent it contains Tadalafil. Tadalafil is a potent solution for surmounting erectile dysfunction. That is why men taking Apcalis Jelly keep them away from ED. Moreover, this drug is a cost effective treatment for impotency. Its intake should be done just 20 to 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse as it shows effect very fast. The effect of this medication remains for long i.e. for approx 36 hours. Thus, sexual act can be planned out and then indulge in it. Due to its remaining in effect for long Apcalis Jelly is also known as "Weekend Pill".

Generic Name: Viagra
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Year of Manufacturing: 2024
Year of Expiry: 2026
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Apcalis Oral Jelly - An ED solution Gel

Apcalis Jelly is prominent ED solution. It treats ED with efficiency and provides men with complete relief. But the treatment procedure of this drug includes encountering with two enzymes i.e. PDE-5 and cGMP. Both these enzymes play major role in providing erection. One of these enzymes causes ED and the other treats it. PDE-5 is the root cause of impotence in men. It accumulates around the penis and cuts back blood supply to the penis. For hindering blood supply PDE-5 enzyme turns soft penis muscles into hard that leads to compression of arteries and expansion of veins. Expanded veins push blood away from the male reproductive organ. In a normal case arteries are expanded as it aids in erection by enhancing blood toward the penis. What Apcalis Jelly does first is, it acts on an enzyme PDE-5 and inhibits its production. Also it discharges an enzyme cGMP in the body. Then it releases a chemical nitric oxide in the blood for the softening of penis blood arteries. The cGMP then allows the blood to flow into the penis which in turn makes sex organ of men able to achieve erection. The drug remains in effect for next 36 hours.

Online Apcalis Jelly Dosage for Men

Never take Apcalis Oral Jelly without prescription. This is a major advice mentioned on the label of this drug. There are certain conditions under which this drug becomes unsuitable for taking and those stipulations can be best judged by doctor only. For instance, as this medication is available in various doses, thus with which to start is very important to know for a person. This knowledge can be given by physician only. For the most part it is seen that 20mg Apcalis Jelly is generally prescribed by the doctor. But dose varies also. Before starting with this drug it is better to discuss your entire health problems and medications intake tale with a doctor. One should not exceed the dose of this medication more than once in a day. Taking twice or more in one day usually leads to occurring of side effects. Thus take this medication only once in a day. Another instruction says Apcalis Jelly should be taken just 30 minutes prior the sexual act. Effect of this drug comes fast in view that's why recommended to be taken few minutes before. Take the drug empty stomach or after light meal for faster erection. Avoid taking it daily as becoming wonted to it is not good.

Apcalis Oral Jelly Online Side-effects

Apcalis Jelly side effects are seen in few cases. There is nothing uncommon in it as every drug shows certain unwanted effects. But advantageous thing about Apcalis Jelly is its side effects are generally harmless. Moreover, they are temporary also and stay for a short time only. Do not burden yourself with them as they do not require diagnosis also and pull up stakes on own. Common or mild side effects of Apcalis Jelly are headache, backache, dizziness, stomach upset, muscle pain, running nose, gas etc. In later stages when body becomes habitual to the drug these symptoms even stop appearing completely. If long persistence of these symptoms is noticed, it is suggested to visit a physician soon for treatment. Their staying for long can become harmful if not treated soon.

This drug in certain conditions also shows certain serious side effects also. Lasting of erection for more than four hours is one of adverse effects of Apcalis Jelly. Consult the doctor immediately in this case. Other serious unwanted effects of this medication are allergic reactions like rashes, itching etc, pain in chest, heart attack, strokes, breathlessness, swelling in certain body parts and so on. When come across any of these signs run for giving treatment to them at once.

Buy Apcalis Jelly Online & Use with Precautions

Precautions are very important for going well of treatment as well for safeguard of the health. Precautions to be taken before and during the treatment of Apcalis Jelly are written below. Men having allergies with Tadalafil are advised to stay out of the drug usage. Health gets affected severely if taken when allergic to Tadalafil. As Apcalis Jelly causes dizziness thus men should not touch any type of machinery after intake of the drug. It is for avoiding any type of accident. Men suffering from any health problems are especially recommended to take Apcalis Jelly on doctor's suggestion only. Intake of alcohol is must to be ceased while taking Apcalis Jelly treatment. Side effects occur if neglected this advice. The drug shows adverse effects if taken along with medications or anything else that contain nitrates. Avoid nitrates altogether. Do not take Apcalis Jelly if had grapefruit and grapefruit juice. The drug reacts with them and gives rise to side effects. Women are children are prohibited from using this ED medication. Do not take the drug after heavy fat meals as they slowdown effect of the drug. Daily intake of Apcalis Jelly makes men addicted to the medication which later lowers the chances of achieving erection naturally. Hence, avoid this practice.

Online Apcalis Jelly Gel Storage Tips

Apcalis Jelly should be stored properly for increasing the lifespan. Like this medication, right storage is requirement of all drugs. What type of storage Apcalis Jelly asks for is mentioned here? Read the points and follow in practice. Keep Apcalis Oral Jelly away from heat, light and moisture. All three environments affect the drug. Likewise, also keep the drug away from kitchen and bathroom. The temperatures of these places either remain warm or humid and both are not good for Apcalis Jelly. This drug best endures in room temperature only. No other temperature suits it. Only 25 to 30 degree Celsius room temperature is best for thriving of this drug. Do keep the drug in an airtight box that does not let air come in and go out. Only take the drug out when needed. Keep the box in a room and away from the reach of children and women. Also make a point the surrounding of the box is neat and clean. Storing expired drug is like going against storage tips. Expired drug should be discarded as soon as possible. Follow these storage tips with Apcalis Jelly.