Dapoxetine (Super P-force): Buy Dapoxetine To Treat Impotence

Dapoxetine (Super P-force)

Dapoxetine or Super P-Force has recently arrived in the market for treating two sexual disorders of men. It treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problem in men. This drug is a blend of 100mg Sildenafil citrate and 60mg Dapoxetine. Dapoxetine is an oral drug and should be taken with water. But Super P-Force is effective only when a man is sexually excited. This drug belongs to a group of medicines known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). Take it one hour before the sexual act whenever feel urge for the sex. Indulge in a great sex life with this drug.

Generic Name: Super P-Force
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Year of Manufacturing: 2024
Year of Expiry: 2026
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Super P-Force (Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine) Tablets Online

Dapoxetine has become a popular for treating ED and premature ejaculation. Here we are going to discuss its working. How it treats ED? In this article we will only incorporate how Dapoxetine treats ED. Working procedure of Dapoxetine is very interesting. Read the full article.

Dapoxetine gets busy in its work as it enters the bloodstream. It fights against all the causes of ED that are responsible for its occurrence. Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is characterized by inability of men to get erection when sexually excited. Despite of putting so many efforts and energy erection remains just a dream for them. Repeating of this process again and again confirms that a man is suffering from ED. Men comes at the threshold of ED when their sexual organ i.e. penis does not receive blood in sufficient amount. Blood is the basic requirement for erection. But when penis fell short of it due to hindrances men fall prey to impotence.

The main cause of ED in men is an enzyme PDE-5. This enzyme gets accumulated around the penis and hinders blood from entering it. This enzyme takes place in the body y replacing an enzyme cGMP. PDE-5 also makes blood arteries hard. Due to it veins (takes blood away from the penis) get expanded and arteries (takes blood toward the penis) get contracted. All this causes less blood supply to the male reproductive organ and finally causes ED in men.

First of all as Dapoxetine enters the body it inhibits production of an enzyme PDE-5 and instead of it releases an enzyme cGMP in the blood. cGMP enzyme is vital for proper blood flow to the penis. Also Dapoxetine discharge nitric oxide in the blood which makes hard penis muscles soft. This way everything comes to normal state inside the body and penis gets blood in an adequate amount. Due to it men easily gets erection when excited. That's how Dapoxetine treats ED problem. Also after the completion of sexual act penis comes to its normal state as usual. This is the working procedure of Dapoxetine.

Dapoxetine efficiently does its work and for the same reason popular world over.

Super P-Force (Dapoxetine) Treats Premature Ejaculation

All drugs should be taken exactly as per the dosing instructions advocated by doctor. Intake of every drug should be followed by dosing instructions for making its best use. If drugs are not taking exactly as prescribed do not show effect properly. Do not let this happen to you. Dosing instructions varies from drug to drug. Dapoxetine also has its own dosing instructions. This article mentions them in detail. Let's have a look on them and take the drug exactly.

Dapoxetine or Super P-Force, a super strength pill for erectile dysfunction, is a safe and secure drug but shows faster treatment when taken properly. It means taking this drug as said by doctor shows ultimate results. Take it as recommended by your doctor. This drug is available in various strengths. Generally the initial advocated dose of this drug is 25mg. But it is not fixed. Depending on how drug is reacting over you Dapoxetine dose can be further increased or decreased. But men are advised not to further increase the dose on own without doctor's suggestion.

Intake of Dapoxetine should be done at least one hour before the sexual activity. Reason is this drug requires time for fighting against causes of ED and for providing erections. As it comes in pill form, thus take it with water only, as water is considered the universal solvent. Take its tab as a whole. Crushing, breaking, or chewing is not allowed. One tab of Dapoxetine is enough for a day. Do not take it twice in a day. This drug can be taken with and without food both, but only avoid heavy fat meals. Other things to be avoided while taking Dapoxetine are grapefruit, grapefruit, alcohol, and nitrates.

Do not become habitual to intake of Dapoxetine. It is not a good practice as later achieving erection on own will become much difficult. As Dapoxetine is taken only when needed, thus there is no chance of missing the dose. Never take this drug in overdose, as overdose causes health problems like fainting, severe dizziness, chest pain, etc. If by mistake taken in overdose consult the doctor immediately.

These are dosing tips of Dapoxetine and should be followed seriously.

Minor Side-effects of Online Super p-Force

Side effects are inseparable from drugs. There is no drug that does not have side effects. Even the most effective drug also has side effects. Looking for a drug without side effects is like wasting time. Thus instead of it learn about drug side effects you are using and if come across them seek for treatment.

Dapoxetine or Super P-Force also shows side effects. Though its side effects are rarely seen till now but they do exist. It is a very safe and secure drug and hardly shows side effects. For the most part it shows side effects when body starts adapting the drug, which is a good sign. Thus holding Dapoxetine entirely responsible for side effects is not correct. Dapoxetine shows both less serious and adverse side effects. Not everyone taking Super P-Force experiences side effects. Let's have a look on its side effects.

Common or less serious side effects of Dapoxetine or Super P-Force are headache, sneezing, vision changes, upset stomach, palpitations, pain in eyes due to exposure to bright light, and so on. If experience any of these side effects do not get worried. They are completely harmless. These side effects come and also disappear on own. On their occurrence do not stop taking the drug. Keep taking it as per the need. Yes, if any of these side effects remain for a long time then it means situation is getting worse. Without further delay seek medical aid.

On the other hand, on the occurrence of serious side effects immediately seek medical attention. Serious side effects signs of Dapoxetine are abnormally low blood pressure, increased intraocular pressure and lasting and painful erection for more than 4 hours. Other severe fallouts are nausea, diarrhea, severe dizziness, and severe headache, etc. These symptoms can be life threatening if not treated on time. Take them very seriously.

These side effects of Dapoxetine are not all. There are others also but not cited here. For detailed info on Dapoxetine side effects take help of your doctor.

Buy Cheap Dapoxetine With Precautions

Precautions are the instructions needed to be taken for ensuring safe and secure treatment. Following them is must else drug will not show its complete effect. Treatment gets a great boost when precautions are followed sincerely. Thus give special attention to precautions and give yourself right treatment.

As precautions come along with all medicines thus Dapoxetine is not an exception. It also has many precautions to be followed. This article is entirely based on Dapoxetine precautions only. Read its precautions and bring into practice.

First major precaution that is staples with all the drugs and medicines is any drug should be taken with doctor's advice only. Dapoxetine should also be used only when your doctor prescribe it to you. Never take it without prescription. Men allergic to Sildenafil citrate or to any of its ingredients should avoid use of Dapoxetine strictly. Health is highly at risk. Consumption of grapefruit or grapefruit juice should be avoided with Dapoxetine because they react with this drug and give rise to health problems. Alcohol also combines with Dapoxetine and brings down blood pressure level to an unsafe level. Therefore, consumption of alcohol should also be averted while taking Dapoxetine.

Men suffering from health problems like heart disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, liver disorders, atherosclerosis, kidney problems, or ocular problems, etc. do not take Dapoxetine without doctor's suggestion. Inform about these problems to doctor and if he permits then only use the drug. Also, if taking any other medication tell about all to the doctor for safety purpose. Dapoxetine is effective whether taken with food or without food both. But avoid heavy fat meals. They retard working of the drug. Nitrates and Dapoxetine are a very bad match and causes severe health hazards. Thus, if consuming nitrates in any form do not take Dapoxetine. This drug should be kept away from children, women and pets. Only men are liable for using Dapoxetine.

Operation of any machinery should be strictly avoided after taking Dapoxetine. This drug sometimes causes dizziness thus may result in an accident. Old age men should take this drug with much caution. If experience any side effects after taking Dapoxetine at once see your doctor.

These are the precautions to be remembered while taking Dapoxetine. Following them will result in harder and longer erections.

Storing Dapoxetine Tablets is Easy

Storing is important for all medicines. Do not neglect it as it is about your drug's life. Yes right storage of drugs increases their life span while improper storing does vice versa. Storage instructions are mentioned at the back of drug label. Follow them. Like every other drug Dapoxetine also require great storage. This article is about its storing instructions only.

Most importantly what you have to think about its storage is right temperature. Provide Dapoxetine with right temperature for long life. It is its foremost requirement. Dapoxetine finds it comfortable in room temperature only. Thus always keep this drug in room temperature. 30 degree Celsius temperature is good enough for it. Dapoxetine is much uncomfortable in extreme temperatures. They spoil it badly. Extreme hot, extreme cold, extreme dry and extreme wet all these temperatures are not suitable for it. Do keep it away from them.

Dapoxetine is a drug that comes in pills form. Its pills come in a pack form. The pack of Dapoxetine should be stored very nicely. Keep it in an air tight box and box should be kept in cool place in the room. Box should not be easily accessible by anyone. Make sure the surrounding is neat and clean. Drug should be taken out of box only when needed. Simply do not touch the pills.

Never store Dapoxetine pills in kitchen and bathroom. These are most inappropriate places for keeping it. Heat, light and moisture are also very bad environments for Dapoxetine. Heat melts it off, moisture breaks it and lights affect its potentiality. Thus keep Dapoxetine away from them. This drug is for the use of men only. Women, children and pets should maintain distance from Dapoxetine. Never share your Dapoxetine pills with anyone else.

From time to time keep checking for its expiry date. On expiration of the pills discard them. Flushing and throwing are not the right methods of dumping. Dumping has a certain procedure. If don't know how to dump pills take help of your healthcare provider.

Follow these storing instructions for keeping Dapoxetine in best condition.