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Lovegra is Female viagra or Women Viagra and is taken to treat insensitive problem of reproductive system in women. Its active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrarate. Lovegra is FDA approved drug. Ajanta pharmaceutical is its manufacturer. It is a prescription medicine. Lovegra is the first drug made for the reproductive health disorder in women. This drug provides sensation to the sexual organ of women by enhancing blood flow to it. Lovegra only provides treatment against the insensitivity does not cure it permanently. Also, it is not an aphrodisiac. It is an oral drug. Take it one hour before the act with a glass of water. Its results are outstanding and provide complete sexual satisfaction. Lovegra is safe and secure drug for treating sexual dysfunction.

Generic Name: Lovegra
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Buy Lovegra (Female Viagra) To Treat Women Sexual Dysfunction

Lovegra treats sexual dysfunction in women is known to all, but how it does so is equally important to know. This drug easily treats the problem without causing any problem. In all the treatments, the treatment of Lovegra is considered the best. Sexual dysfunction happens in women due to dryness in vagina. When vagina is dry and not wet women feel no sexual feeling and it hampers the sexual activity. Lovegra provides the same wetness to female vagina and make her capable of completing the intercourse. Just as in men ED occurs due to insufficient blood supply to the penis, similarly in women dryness occurs due to deficiency of blood supply to vagina. It hinders women from experiencing complete satisfaction.

Blood does not reach in sufficient amount due to an enzyme PDE_5. This enzyme is the main reason of restricted blood supply to vagina. As Lovegra is taken first of all it acts on this enzyme by inhibiting its production. Due to it this drug is also known as PDE-5 inhibitor. The drug replaces an enzyme PDE-5 with cGMP. cGMP is an enzyme that generally presents in the body and keeps sexual activity proper and helps in completing it. cGMP enzyme enhances blood supply to the vagina. Increased blood flow further also expands arteries and contracts veins, and elevates vaginal wetness and sensitizes the clitoris. As blood reaches vagina lovemaking is intensified and ends in ultimate one. Vagina remains wet throughout the act. Women can suffer through sexual dysfunction even when she is sexually excited but could not complete the act due to lack of wetness. But Lovegra with its efficiency treats sexual dysfunction problem in women.

Lovegra is world over popular drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. Its effective nature has given it much fame. Many women have overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction due to this drug.

Buy Lovegra (Pink Kamagra) Dose For Female Sexual Dysfunction

Generally the purpose of medicines is known but still taking it without doctor's advice is not advocated. It's so because a doctor prescribes a drug to the patient after checking him or her on many things. Same is with lovegra. Despite knowing it is sexual dysfunction treating drug for women, it should be taken only when your healthcare provider advices. Before prescribing lovegra doctor checks on certain things like- age of the patient, health problems, and medications patient is taking. If you are suffering from any of the health problems like- kidney problem, liver disease, stomach ulcer, heart problems, etc. do tell your doctor before itself. There are many medicines which whom lovegra reacts, so if consuming medicines be it prescription, nonprescription, herbal supplements, vitamins, etc. notify about all to the doctor. Usually the initial recommended dose of lovegra is 100mg. In a day only one tablet should be taken. If with 100mg you do not find any effect, go to your doctor and ask her to increase your dose. Do not make changes in dose on own. Let your doctor decide whether to increase, decrease, or stop the dosage.

Lovegra is an oral drug that means it comes in tablet form. Take it with a glass of water. Its tablet should be taken as a whole. Do not crush, chew or break it. Effectivity of the drug is affected this way. Lovegra can be taken with and without meal both. But make sure to avoid heavy fat meals as it slows down the effect of the drug. Light food is fine.

Sexual dysfunction problem in women is not a disease, it is a sexual disorder. Thus taking lovegra on daily basis is not required. This regularity is needed for the drugs taken for the purpose of curing disease. Take lovegra only when the urge for sex is felt. As said, this drug should be taken only before the sexual activity, thus chances of missing its dose become null. Yes you can forget it before the activity but that's up to you. Never take overdose of the drug. Overdose can cause severe side effects and greatly detriment health. Severe dizziness, fainting, etc. are some serious side effects occur on taking overdose. Becoming habitual to lovegra is not good. Taking daily this drug will make you dependant on it. Thus avoid taking it daily. Follow these dosage instructions carefully.

Cheap Lovegra Online Side-Effects

The relationship of medicines and side effects is very old and is unbreakable. Finding a drug with no side effects is an impossible task. It's because their relation is eternal. Chemical is involved in every drug which if taken for the right cause produces right results, but if misused by taking improperly can do much harm. Thus keep in mind even the mildest of drug causes side effects.

Lovegra also belongs to a class of drugs thus shows side effects. But the good thing is it does not show side effect on everyone. Very rare cases are reported till now. Their cause is also taking the drug improperly, or taken an overdose of the drug and so on. Thus don't be afraid of taking it, side effects are also a matter of fact. Moreover take the drug cautiously. Lovegra showcase both serious and common both types of side effects in women. One of the causes of side effects is also when a body starts adapting a drug. Thus take it as a positive sign also. Now let's have a look on what side effects in particular the drug Lovegra causes.

The most common side effects of Lovegra that are harmless are mentioned here. Headache, diarrhea, reddening of face, stomach upset, indigestion, running nose, nasal congestion, etc. are very common side effects of Lovegra. They are so simple that no medical attention is required. In fact they go away on own. For the most part starters come across them as for the first time their body takes the drug. But do not take these symptoms lightly if they endure for a long time. Instead it is alarming bell sayings go and seek the doctor advice.

While if serious side effects Lovegra shows immediately seek the doctor without waiting for the symptoms to become worse. Severe side effects of Lovegra includes allergic reactions like rashes, itching, rubbing, hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue, etc. Its other symptoms are breathing problems, hearing problem, vision changes like blur vision and color blindness, chest pain, fast or irregular heartbeat, prolonged erection, seizures, etc. Do not take the chance and at once rush to the hospital.

Other side effects are also linked with Lovegra that are not cited here. For info on them have a long talking session with the doctor.

Precautions To Buy Lovegra 100mg Online

A list of precautions ties with every drug. It is to safeguard consumer against health dangers. Precautions make treatment all the more safe and secure. Follow up of precautions are mandatory. A primary precaution required to be taken with Lovegra is, do take it on physician's recommendation only. Taking it without doctor's consent can prove harmful for the health.

Women having kidney problem, liver problem, heart problems, etc. are advised to take the drug on doctor's suggestion only. Sildenafil citrate is the basic ingredient of Lovegra and being allergic to it restrict women from taking this medication, as it will leads to health hazards in them. Drowsiness occurs after taking Lovegra that is why women are proposed to stop operating any machinery after taking it. Accidents can be avoided this way. Nitrates make a hazardous combination with Sildenafil. Therefore, avoid them solely. Nitrates are present in some drugs also, thus if taking any medication first inform your doctor about them and then take the drug Lovegra. The doctor should be informed about all the medications you are taking for safety. Greatly take care of it. Lovegra should not be taken along with grapefruit and grapefruit juice. They react with the drug and puts health in danger. Even alcohol does the same if taken with Sildenafil. It affects by interfering with the blood pressure level, thus, very much dangerous. Avoid it. Do not wait for side effects to go away on own. If encounter any side effects with Lovegra instantly run to the hospital for treatment. Lovegra does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Women have to take protection against them on own.

Here cited Lovegra precautions are must to follow for safe and secure treatment. But they do not form a complete list. Many are still left that only physician can best tell. Hence, before taking the drug know about all the precautions from your physician and act accordingly.

Storage Instructions To Buy Lovegra Tablets

Storing the drug (any) properly is an intrinsic part of it. Leniency can spoil the drug before its expiry date itself. Storing ensures safety and security of the drug. For your drug which relieves you from your problems at least this much should be done. Make it a habit that you have to take care of the drug by storing it properly every time after using it.

Lovegra is also a drug and should be stored properly right from the day of purchase. It requires a great care. The storing instructions are written here, read them with kid gloves and most importantly abide by them. Lovegra is best comfortable at room temperature. Apart from room temperature no other surrounding suits it. A room temperature also should be of about 25 to 30 degree Celsius. It is the best storage point for it. Too hot, too cold, too dry and too wet all these temperatures are unfit for Lovegra. Lovegra pill comes in a pack. Don't keep the pack anywhere. Properly store it in a container that is air tight and place it in dark cool place in the room. Make it unapproachable for all. Extremely take care that the surrounding where the container is kept is neat and tidy.

The major three no's for Lovegra are light, heat, and moisture. All three affects this drug's health severely. Light directly affects inner core of the drug and makes it less efficient. Moisture breaks it into pieces and heat melts it off. Avoid proximity of the drug from them at all costs. Never simply keep Lovegra pack near kitchen sinks or in bathroom. Lovegra is made for the use of women only. Men and children should maintain a distance from it. Its usage can harm their health badly. Also, women should not share the drug any other person. Your health issues can never match exactly with the other person, and Lovegra is prescribed depending on that only. Thus may harm the other person. Ask her to first consult with the doctor.

Expired Lovegra tablets should be dumped off right away. Keeping them at home can be dangerous if consumed by mistake. But dumping should be done in a proper manner. Simply flushing in toilets or throwing is not the right way. Seek your doctor's advice regarding the same.