Astermeds.com only sells medicines, like a medical shop. It does not manufacture them. Also, Astermeds.com does not give medical advice. For any medical advice or treatment consult your healthcare providers and then purchase medicines from our website.

Astermeds.com does not take any responsibility about the use of the medicines. We are just distributors. Responsibility of using medications under physician's guidance lies completely with the purchasers.

If customer uses medicines by changing its dose than prescribed by the physician then the responsibility of the side effects lies completely on them. We recommend all our customers to use medicines exactly as per your physician's advice.

Astermeds.com does not take any responsibility for confirming the importation requirements, regulations, and proprietary third party rights of the purchaser, and the purchaser's country of origin. All products are shipped at the full risk of the purchaser.

If the customs department held order in custody, the loss rests completely with the purchaser, unless a copy of a confiscation notification from the customs agency or import authority in charge is provided to Astermeds.com.

Astermeds.com takes entire responsibility of delivery only if purchaser has used express shipment method for shipping order, and the purchaser has provided correct shipping address.

Astermeds.com takes no responsibility for misplace of order if purchaser has provided wrong or incomplete shipping address. In this case, order either come back to the sender or get misplaced.

If order reaches you in damaged form due to improper packing or if you receive the wrong product, in this case Astermeds.com re-ship orders free of charge, only if a claim is made and proof of improper packaging or wrong product is given.

Products available with Astermeds.com are subjected to change without any notice.

At Astermeds.com, prices of products are subjected to change without any notice.

Requests of order cancellations or product changes are entertained only within 24 hours of placing an order. No order cancellations or product changes requests will be accepted by Astermeds.com once the order is shipped.

Refunds or charge back payments attempted in disagreement to the Disclaimer will not be entertained.

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