• Bimatoprost

      Bimatoprost is a drug for treating two eye problems, one Glaucoma and second Hypotrichosis. It is a prescription medication for both of them and produces effective results. It is recommended to take this drug on doctor's advice only.

      • $22.22
    • Brimonidine Tartrate

      Brimonidine Eye Drops treat eye problems efficiently. Brimonidine Tartrate is the best treatment for the eye problem called Glaucoma. It flows out liquid from the eyes and saves them from impairing vision.

      • $24.75
    • Cyclosporine

      When eyes lack lubrication and moisture on their surface, it is described as dry eye problem. To treat the same, Cyclosporine is used. These Eye Drops are very effective and belong to the class of drugs known as immunomodulators.

      • $15.00
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