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Rise in high cholesterol problem is increasing day by day. Its severity has touched the point where healthy diet and exercise has also proved ineffective. For such a situation doctors prescribe a drug known as Crestor. It greatly works over high cholesterol. Statins or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor is the class to which this drug belongs to. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals is manufacturer of Crestor. It also has approval of FDA. Crestor treats high cholesterol by bringing its level to an optimum level. Also it gives relief from cardiovascular problems, which are results of high cholesterol only.

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Cresor Tablets to Treat Cholesterol Problems

The working procedure of the drug Crestor is mentioned in this article. It is very interesting. Read and find out how your drug Crestor treats your high cholesterol problem.

Cholesterol level does not rise on own. There is some reason behind it. It all happens because of an enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. When this enzyme takes place in the body it does some changes in the body that causes high cholesterol by increasing cholesterol level. Thus this enzyme is the root cause of this problem. Inhibition of this enzyme is must for lowering cholesterol or for maintaining cholesterol level. That's why the drug Crestor is taken. This drug stops production of this enzyme in the body and ultimately leads to maintaining optimum cholesterol level.

Crestor provides only treatment. It does not cure the problem forever. But it does its work of treating the problem very nicely. There are also two other benefits of the drug Crestor. Coronary heart disease is the common associated problem with high cholesterol. Thus when cholesterol problem gets treated, a person also gets saved from the problem of heart. Crestor lessens the chances of occurring of this severe problem. Another benefit the drug Crestor provides is it increases the liver's ability to enhance good cholesterol in the body and throw away bad cholesterol from the body. Hence enjoy dual benefits out of the drug Crestor.

Buy Crestor Online Dose for Cholesterol Treatment

Dosing instructions are must to be followed carefully while taking Crestor, a lipid lowering drug. Neglecting them can give rise to health problems. Thus do not take the instructions lightly. 10mg, 20mg and 40mg are the various available strengths of the drug Crestor. But taking the drug with physician's suggestion only is the most recommended dosing instruction. It's because a drug is prescribed after having look on complete medical history. Though it's seen that for the most part the initial advocated dose of Crestor is 20mg or 40mg. For children it is 10mg. The drug should be taken exactly as per prescribed by the doctor.

After sometime again go to your doctor and find out about the effect the drug. It is very important to know. Depending on it your doctor will make changes in the drug dosage. The strength of the drug can be increased or decreased. But do not make any changes on your own. Severe health problems can occur due to it. Take the tabs of Crestor only once in a day. As the drug is taken only once so take it at the same time every day. It aids in maintaining equal level of the drug in the body. In an entire day evening is the most preferred time for taking Crestor. It can be taken with and without food both as it effective both ways. Only avoid high fats diet as they slowdown working of the drug. Following intake of the drug with healthy diet and exercise help in faster results.

The tablet of Crestor is swallowed with water. Take the pill as a whole. Do not crush, chew or break it. Take the drug regularly at the same time. But if you break the chain by often forgetting to take the drug then the treatment will take longer. Thus do not let it happen. Sharpen your memory. If sometimes it happen then it's fine. Take the drug as soon as you remember. If it's time for the next dose skip the missed dose. Strictly avoid overdose of the drug Crestor. If taken by mistake seek medical aid instantly.

These instructions are very important to follow. They are a great step in treating the problem soon.

Crestor Side-effects

All drugs have side effects. There is no medicine in the world that does not have side effects. There is no exception in this case. Side effects cannot be separated from the drug in any case. It's impossible. But no one stops taking the drug in spite of knowing this. What is important is knowledge on them.

Side effects are a part of Crestor also, a cholesterol lowering agent. It is not exempted from them. Sometimes it also shows side effects. But it is not common. Very rarely Crestor shows side effects. Not all patients taking it experience side effects. It is a proof that this drug is very efficient in working. With Crestor both serious and common side effects are yoked. Read the full article below to have knowledge about them.

First let's have a look on its common side effects. Headache, cold, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or upset stomach etc. is the common symptoms this drug shows. As per the name they generally occur. But be assured as they disappear on own. They exist for a very short time. Do not get worry if they occur. Any of these symptoms do not affect the health at all. But, on the other hand, if these symptoms does not go away in a short time it's time to see a doctor. If not treated soon they can become very serious.

The list of serious side effects includes pain in muscles, body pain, and weakness and so on. They all are alarming bells that your health is in danger. And the situation can become worse if these symptoms are accompanied by fever, yellowing of skin or eyes, dark urine, change in the amount of urine, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, bleeding, bruising etc. Allergic reactions like rashes, rubbing, itching, lumps, and breathing problems, etc. are also examples of serious side effects. If Crestor shows these symptoms immediately run to the hospital and get treatment. These side effects are life threatening too.

This is not a complete list of Crestor side effects. Still a long list remains. For complete information on side effects of Crestor fix an appointment with your doctor. Doctor is the right source for gaining complete information.

Tips To Use Crestor Pills

Precautions are for keeping away any types of dangers. Avoiding or neglecting them can be harmful and a drug can do reverse effect on the body. They are innermost part of the drug. Giving heed to them is very important as they protect us against dangers of side effects. Keeping them in mind and following them is good for us only not for the drug. They also assure about safe and secure treatment. Hence it is advised to everyone that takes precautions seriously.

Crestor also has precautions and as cited above that following them in must thus abide by them. The list of Crestor precautions is very long. But to fit all those in this article is not possible. Here mentioned precautions are few only but are major ones. If you will follow these many tips also can get desired results. Read them.

The major precaution advocated by everyone is always takes Crestor with doctor's permission only. Taking on own can be much harmful for the body. If you have any medical history does tell your healthcare provider about them. Your doctor should know about your entire medical history before starting with the dose. In present also if suffering from health complication likes heart problems, kidney disease, liver problem, diabetes, seizures, allergies, etc. do tell your healthcare provider about all. If ever gone through any surgery or planning for any in near future informs your doctor about it. All these things matter a lot in deciding strength dose of the drug.

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should take Crestor on doctor's recommendation only. Till now it is not known how drug affects them. Muscle pains, weakness, fever, body ache, etc. if any of these side effects occur then at once seek medical aid. Consumption of alcohol with Crestor may damage liver severely. Thus its taking should be completely avoided. Regular blood test during the treatment is must for checking whether the liver is functioning properly or not. Grapefruit or grapefruit juice should be avoided taking while taking Crestor. People allergic to Crestor should not take the drug as chances of occurring of severe health complication are many. Do not stop taking the drug without doctor's permission. Expired Crestor tablets should be dumped properly.

For complete information on Crestor precautions have a talk with your doctor. He will guide you in a proper manner.

Crestor Tablet Storage Suggestions

Drugs are our helping hand. They take us out when we are in problem. They come like a god for us at the time of maladies. But little responsibility we also have toward them. And it can be fulfilled by taking proper care of them. Proper storing is must for them. Every medicine requires storage as it increases their lifespan. Storing instruction come along with the drug label. They should be read and applied as mentioned.

Crestor is no exception. It also asks for proper storage. This article mentions its storing instructions. Give attention to them and as your drug gives you life you also give it life. Keeping Crestor at room temperature is the foremost storing instruction. It keeps it in best condition. A temperature of about 25 to 30 degree Celsius is best suitable for Crestor. Keeping it in extreme temperatures like too hot, too cold, too wet and too dry can spoil it completely. Never do this foolishness.

The tablets of Crestor come in a pack form. Keep the pack in an air tight container. Keeping in open can spoil it. The container should be placed in a dark and cool place inside a room. The surrounding should be completely neat and clean. Most inappropriate places for keeping the drug are near kitchen sinks and in bathroom. Also keep the pack of Crestor away from heat, light and moisture. Crestor tabs get melts near heating source, wetness breaks the tab into pieces and light affects potentiality of the drug. These three are very harmful for the drug, thus make sure you have not kept the drug near them.

The tabs of Crestor should not be shared with anyone else. It can be harmful for the other person. Remember it is your personal drug. Expired tablets of Crestor should be dumped rightly. Flushing in toilets and throwing away is not the right way. For knowing how to dump the tabs seek your doctor's advice. Keep looking for the expiry dates.

Storage tips are must to follow. Following them is good for your drug only.